Getting Your Licence

Get Your NSW Boat & PWC Licence!

Getting your NSW Boat Licence or NSW PWC Licence can be easy!

To get your licence, simply call us & we’ll organise a session date that suits your lifestyle. Then, simply attend with proper identification (see here for details) and pass the test.

That’s the tricky part but we’ll help guide you to a successful result via custom made pre-course study material, as well as face-to-face tuition form an experienced trainer. We’re there to look after you and help you get the best results you can!

Afterwards, simply take the course certificate we give you, along with your completed boat training practical logbook and go to a ServiceNSW office near you to get your licence. 

You should be able to go boating as soon as you’ve stepped outside the motor reg; how easy is that!

Classroom Training